Cruise-ships in Cozumel Mexico – Talking about scale…

It is simply amazing to see these monster cruise-ships in Cozumel Mexico. My husband and I spent a few weeks in this beautiful location on the Caribbean Sea. And because we were close to the water, we could watch the harbor activity, which is really captivating. I’ve never seen so many cruise-ships in one place, and from so close. * Click on the pictures for a larger view!

The port is very busy – I even read that Cozumel is the busiest cruise-ship port in the world. Here you can see these giants coming and leaving every day.


Some come early in the morning, others late at night.

Lucky we had a hotel room in a high-rise hotel nearby, so I could photograph them coming in at dusk.

What impressed me most, was of course their size. I had fun and couldn’t stop taking photos of these giants from all angles. What I mostly liked was to show the scale compared to other elements around. Look at those people walking on the dock and looking like ants 🙂

And the people onboard are almost invisible. You either have to click for a closer look or try to visualize them 🙂

I still cannot figure out how do they manage to park these huge boats so close to each other…

I hope you were as amazed as I was on seeing the Cruise-ships in Cozumel Mexico through my camera 🙂

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    • Actually, thinking more about this, having a virus problem on a cruise-ship doesn’t make any sense, because other than beaches and some other places with sun, breeze and especially the good spirit :), cruises are one of the healthiest environments. It is known that all germs, microbes, viruses and bad things like humid, cool dark places vs. dry bright sunny and well aerated places with lots of “negative ions”:…/

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