Ottawa Architectural Patterns

Ottawa architectural patterns. Here there are some representative images from my multiple photos I took in Ottawa. They are representing patterns, intersecting lines, rows and geometry in the architecture of the beautiful capital of Canada.

    • Window reflections and architectural patterns, downtown Ottawa

Ottawa architectural patterns by Tatiana Travelways

    • Lines and patterns of a modern office building on Spark street, Ottawa. It’s all glass, steel and concrete.

Glass and Still lines and patterns by Tatiana Travelways

While the first two photos can be seen in my Travelwaysphotos.com, these below are available as art prints at Fine Art America in the architecture collection of my site – Just click on them to see what I mean…:

Blue on blue: cubic shapes, reflections, shadows and intersecting lines – TD Bank Glass office building, downtown Ottawa

Blue Geometry in Ottawa, Canada

3.- Inside The Library Of The Parliament, Ottawa.

This is a detail of the impressive historic library of the Parliament in Ottawa. It’s the last and larger part of the original building that burned down in 1916. As you can see there is still a lot of wood there.

4.- The organ pipe at St. Mary cathedral in Ottawa

This impressive wooden organ pipe was originally built in 1887 S.R. Warren & Son. Later, it has restored in 1930 with additional mechanical parts (see more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Patrick%27s_Basilica,_Ottawa)

Wooden pipe organ at St.Mary's basilica, Ottawa, Canada

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  1. An astonishingly beautiful series – thank you for joining in the fun! The Library Of The Parliament i Ottawa has to be one of my favorites – but the architecture overall is gorgeous.

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