Mother best mentor – Tribute to Mom on Mother’s Day

There’s no secret that a mother is the core of the family and best mentor ever – we all know this and are grateful to what she taught us from the first day we came into this world. On this Mother’s Day I’d like to thank you mom for all your guidance and unconditional love. You are no more here physically but you are still present in my mind and heart.

I dedicate to Mom these cute photos of a wild duck mother guiding her ducklings into the wild, and maybe on their first contact with the water 🙂

It was a May sunny day, and as I always carry the camera with me and like to observe things around, I captured these scenes on a pond near Ottawa, Canada. It’s the same pond where I got the Golden Retriever playing, but not in the same day…

Ducklings floating on a pond With great precaution the mother duck was trying somehow to hide her babies behind the blades of grass growing on the pond. She thought I couldn’t see them… but I have a technique to photograph and focus on hidden things – in fact I like to play with custom focusing 🙂
Mother duck hiding behind the blades of grass

Here is another shot of the cute formation floating on the pond.

Mother duck with ducklings on the water
PS: for those in doubt about the use of the word “Core”, I’d like to mention that this is the Latin origin of the English word “Heart”

Here is a great explanation somebody gave in

The Latin word for “heart” is “cor” genitive “cordis”. Hence “cordial”, with all its meanings as, e.g. hearty warm,heartfelt,:affable, amiable. And “cordial” means “tending to revive, cheering, invigorating”. Compare the Greek καρδία: “kardia”.

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