Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

I dreamed of seeing this fantastic monument since I was a child and I learned that it was considered one of the seven man made wonders of the World.

Incredible but true, I’ve seen Mount Rushmore monument and memorial park in October 2014.

It is indeed majestic and breath taking!

This huge sculpture carved in the granite rock of the Black Hills in Keystone, South Dakota took the Sculptor Gutzon Borglum 14 years to accomplish.

My husband and I spent about 3 days in the Black Hills area and went to the monument twice – I just wanted to do my best with the photos 🙂

The sculpture is so big you can see it from faraway and this is what it looks like from Custer Park, which is quite a ways from the monument.

Mount Rushmore seen from Custer Park

You don’t even need to enter the memorial park – the sculpture appears very well from the road 🙂 but it’s worth it to go inside – more info here

Rushmore monument viewed from outside the park

This is the entrance to the park:

Entrance to Rushmore monument park
Entrance to the Rushmore monument park

… and right before you enter you can say hello to this beautiful mountain goat. It looks like he is always there, as he probably gets snacks from the tourists, 🙂

Mountain goat at Rushmore monument park, South Dakota

There are always a lot of visitors at the Rushmore monument and there are also binoculars to get a closer view of the sculpture

Visitors at Mount Rushmore monument
Binoculars at the Rushmore monument

… and here is a cute surprise, so much into the American style 🙂

You can see and get Thomas Jefferson’s ice cream recipe!!! Of course you can also indulge in the president’s favorite ice cream inside the food court, and I had one too – yes, it was good 🙂

Tomas Jefferson's ice cream recipe at Rushmore monument
Tomas Jefferson's ice cream cone at Rushmore monument

The picture on the top of this page, which I think is the best of my Mountain Rushmore monument photos is also available as art print at Fine Art America. Here below you can see what it can look like framed and hung up on the wall – click on it for more options on print versions, sizes and prices:

Mount Rushmore Monument art print by Tatiana Travelways

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