Ottawa the Capital of Canada

Most people know about Ottawa the Capital of Canada. It is not the largest city in the country, but in my opinion is the nicest. My husband and lived there for six years, so I got a gazillion photos of it.
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Ottawa the Capital of Canada

The image above for instance, is a collage intended to say the word OTTAWA. I made it with elements I photographed at the Parliament building. This is without doubt the most significant building in the city. For those who don’t know, Canada is part of the Commonwealth system, so the parliament is similar to what you find in London, UK.

This is a view of the Parliament hill in Ottawa from across the Ottawa river.

Parliament building in Ottawa, Canada

And this is the view of it in the winter – no boats crossing 🙂

Parliament hill in Ottawa in the winter

But in the summer, there is even a bus taking tourists on a cruise on Ottawa river!  – Yes you read correctly. I’m talking about an amphibian bus called “Lady Dive” and it starts in Gatineau, Quebec, crosses the river and and makes the tour of the capital.  Oh, Quebec-ers love boating!

Lady Dive the amphibian bus

No, you don’t have to rely on the bus to go from Quebec to Ontario 🙂 There are several bridges crossing this river. I think that the busiest one is the Alexandra bridge. I took this picture from the Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, at night with long exposure for a more artistic look.

Alexandra bridge at night

Downtown Ottawa the capital of Canada

Talking about “artistic” here is a picture of Wellington street. It follows the river and goes right by the parliament and other historic buildings. I made it as a digital painting. I hope you like it, because I have some more done this way 🙂

Willington street ditital painting

Here is the map of it:

Wellington Street

Going from East to West, you first see the Fairmont Hotel  also called Chateau Laurier. It was built in 1912 the year of the Titanic.

Chateau Laurier

In 2012 the hotel and the old train station across the street celebrated a century of existence. You have seen them both on my Monochrome photography post.The famous Rideau Canal goes right by them discharging it’s waters into Ottawa river.

Here you can see some of the locks, which facilitate the navigation of the vessels on it.

Rideau Canal

There is a lot of activity here in the summer during the touristic season. You can see the side of the Chateau Laurier on the right. * I made this photo as a digital painting too.

Tourist activity on Rideau Canal

But let’s follow the street, because we have a green light! Next is where you will see most of the medieval-like government buildings.  * You may recognize the clock on the Parliament tower I used on the top image 🙂

Parliament tower clock

And here we go with the Parliament building in all it’s splendor 🙂

Parliament building

Of course I took a lot of photos on this place, outside and inside, but I think that these two are quite interesting. It was on Canada Day (1st of July).

[ezcol_1half]Scotish marching band on Canada day[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Canadian marching band[/ezcol_1half_end]

But what I liked most to photograph were the reflections of these antique architecture into the new glass and steel modern buildings across the street.

Old and new architecture reflections

This is a tour-bus going by, which it makes an additional reflection on the move 🙂

Reflections of the Parliament building and a tour-bus

There are a lot of interesting things to see and do in Ottawa. For now however, I will end the story with the Art Museum with it’s modern building and the spider sculpture. I wrote about Maman the Giant Spider on my GiftSmart site.

Art museum and the Maman Spider

Oh, I would still like to add some pictures made into mixed media digital painting I took in the area of the well known Byward Market in Ottawa.

Chariot at byward market in Ottawa

Ottawa Art Print featuring the photograph Coach Ride In Ottawa - Digital Painting by Tatiana Travelways

Ottawa Art Print featuring the photograph In The Streets Of Ottawa, Canada - Digital Painting by Tatiana Travelways

I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to tell you more about Ottawa the Capital of Canada in further coming posts. I hope you liked what you have seen so far 🙂

lens-artists photo challenge # 82 – cap·i·tal

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  1. Wow – great entry! Just love the bridge and the reflections – Maman is a bit frightening in fact…saw it here at Vanås exhibition, where I live, and in Bilbao.

    • Thank you so much Leya! I know about “Maman” – the vision of the artist – nobody can dispute that… 🙂
      It’s there though and it will be there probably for ever. I think that Louise Bourgeois is from Quebec.

  2. Canada was my home for 12 months, lived in Victoria … loved every day *smile Canada has got most things right. Canada still own a big piece of my heart. Fantastic images .. never been to Ottawa, thanks for bringing me there. It seams to be a beautiful city. And … thanks for playing.

    • Thank you Vivi! Victoria is also a very nice city with old English style architecture. We visited it when living in Vancouver for about 3 years.

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