Intriguing Mural in Smith Falls, Ontario

Mural in Smith Falls, Ontario

Mural in Smith Falls, Ontario

Smith Falls is a small town in Ontario, along the famous Rideau Canal of Canada starting in Ottawa and ending in Lake Ontario.

On a 3 day trip to Thousand Islands for my birthday, we drove through this historic town. Suddenly, I saw a rather intriguing mural a side of a building. Obviously, I needed to have it 🙂 It was somehow hidden, but hey, the photographer’s mission is to see things… right?

Mural in Smith Falls art print

I was really impressed by the painting job of this artist which name, unfortunately I don’t know. The mural perfectly matches the architecture, patterns and even the bricks of the building’s facade – Is it not fantastic? I found it a little comic too 🙂

Click on the picture to see it in a larger format. The mural is also available as print in many formats and sizes. Here is a framed art print version of it in my Fina Art America collection. ** The watermark will not appear on the prints.

Mural in Smith Falls, Canada - framed art print

And this is how it can appear on your wall

Smith Falls mural art print


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