Dancing Water Fountains on Las Vegas Strip – A free show not be missed

The dancing fountains on Las Vegas Strip is a free show not to be missed at Bellagio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Dancing Fountains on Las Vegas StripThe dancing fountains show in front of Bellagio hotel on Las Vegas Strip is literally breathtaking. The exploding water from the Bellagio Lake looks exactly like a dance, synchronized to music. It’s a totally free show that you will not forget.

The Dancing Fountains on Las Vegas Strip

The water show at Bellagio, on Las Vegas Strip is one of the most photographed attractions in Las Vegas. I never get bored watching them and that’s because they are always different.

The water jets can go straight up and down with great force and speed, they can graciously converge in various angles or twist, interlacing with each other.

The choreography, the lights and music change all the time – the only thing that stays the same is the WOW!

Dancing Fountains on Las Vegas Strip at night

Here are some more pictures of the dancing fountains at night, viewed from the Bellagio promenade on Las Vegas strip. I have to agree that the night view is the most spectacular and also most popular. Although the lakeside promenade on the strip is quite long, there is always an incredible crowd watching the show, and people come well in advance to assure a good position… I literally had a hard time finding a place to take photos 🙂

Bellagio water Fountains show Las Vegas

Bellagio water fountains show on Las Vegas Strip at night

One of my favorite activities in Las Vegas is walking on the strip and I always try to be around Bellagio at the right time for the water show:) One day I was walking on the other side and I just couldn’t resist to stop and take some photos from across the street.

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Now, assuming that you like the dancing fountains at Bellagio as much as I do, I’d like to announce you that they are available are art prints for Wall and Home Decor in my Fine Art America collection.


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  1. I was there once in the Paris imitation hotel across the street. Forget sleep when it starts. I thought gunfire or cannons were going off. It is pretty though.

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