Challis Idaho, a quiet historic town

Challis Idaho, a quiet historic town today, used to be the largest city in the Custer County.

Founded in 1878, Challis lost many of its original architecture during the 1983 earthquake, but some have been rebuilt. This nostalgic place is full of character and a visit here will take you back to the times of the mining and Western history.

The main street is not very long, but full of typical Wild West type of wooden buildings. I got inspired by this picturesque Wild West town and I made pictures I got here as digital paintings. They can greatly decorate any hotels in Idaho as framed art prints, canvas or other types of prints. Just click on them more details:

Historic buildings in Challis Idaho, framed prints by Tatiana Travelways Historic buildings in Challis Idaho, framed prints by Tatiana TravelwaysIn the Western regions of the USA, it’s not rare to see animals in the streets. I was however surprised to see a deer running on the main street in the downtown. Challis Idaho is definitely a quiet place, no question about 🙂 Well, I decided to make this picture as a digital painting as well, because the scene was quite uncommon to me, not being native of North America, nor of Northern USA.
Deer running on the main street of Challis IdahoObviously, Challis Idaho is a very friendly place, and probably not so quiet in the past… 🙂
The old bar in town, “Bux’s Place Bar”, now closed, have seen better days, for sure… I was able to photograph it’s old sign that was once neon illuminated: Old bar sign in Challis IdahoIf you are a nostalgic and love Wild West travel images, all these pictures are available as art prints for wall and home decor or gifts. Click on them to see all the options.

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  1. Bux’s Place Bar looks like my kind of place. What a charming town you have captured there, Tatiana. Your article makes me want to get back to Idaho for a visit one day soon. I only spent one night in Boise, Idaho – many years ago – on a trip just passing through the state. Other than daytime travel scenery we really saw nothing of the 43rd state. I need to change that. Thank you for piquing my interest.

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