Alhambra Tower and Complex in Granada, Spain

Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visited by thousands of tourists every month, regardless the season.

According to the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, the Moorish fortress and palace date back to 1238 and 1358. Built on a plateau the complex overlooks the city of Granada, with a beautiful view.

Alhambra is a hot travel destination in both senses: popularity and temperature wise. At least it was at the end of May when we visited it. The sense of the heat may also subconsciously come from the red outer walls, built with rammed earth. – BTW, the name Alhambra in Arabic means “Red”.

The place is very busy and there is always a huge waiting line to buy tickets to get inside. It is definitely wise to book ahead of time otherwise you can miss the inside tour. We did…

Don’t worry, if you miss the entrance into the palace, there are still plenty of things to see from the outside. As a matter of fact, a whole lot of diversity of interesting things. You can see the old walls, beautiful architectural elements and the gardens.

This one for instance is a view of the water fountains inside the garden of the Palacio de Generalife. I got inspired and made it as a watercolor using the digital media. I uploaded it to my Fine Art America, and actually sold an art print of it as wall decor. Click on it to see all the opteions:

As I said, lots of things to see and photograph, especially when it comes to details… I would have spent days and never finish 🙂

Alhambra door detail
Alhambra decorative art

Below is a picture showing part of the Alhambra complex and garden. – I digitally enhanced it for a more artistic look, and also sold it from one of my print on demand sites. The link here will bring you to my Fine Art America gallery. By clicking on it you will see more details about the print and also a diversity of options:

** Featured word: Diversity

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