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Thursday Travel – Photo Challenge Long Description:

Thursday Travel Photo Challenge IconI’ve seen many enthusiastic travel photographers in the WP community with beautiful photography and posts.  As a travel photographer myself, I thought of making a new challenge that will gather all of us together.

Thursday Travel is a weekly photo/blog challenge, and I will start it every Thursday with a new subject.

This week I’m proposing the topic “FOG“. It can be fog, mist, haze, low visibility, up to your interpretation. BTW: these kind of conditions create a little unknown, a little mystery and sometimes even a little creepiness.. What’s your take on it?

Here is my contribution for November 14, 2019: Foggy Days in Nova Scotia

Foggy days in Nova Scotia – Thursday Travel Challenge

About the Thursday Travel challenge

This is about sharing our Travel photography and experiences, whether we go on a trip around the World, or just in the local area.

I’ll come up with a theme every week, and I would love to see your contributions related to the current topic. Please insert the location of your pictures. Want to tell us more about your shots? – That would be GREAT and highly appreciated! Just keep in mind that other people on the Internet may be interested to read about your experience too.

Your blog/posts and photos can be new or from your archives. What matters is sharing your travel experiences with us. All Blog/Posts containing Photos, Paintings or Illustrations are welcome as long as they are your own.

Would you want to promote your work as travel photographers? I invite you to participate in my travel photography group on Facebook called Let’s Travel Together 🙂 What do you think?

How it works

Tag your blog/posts with #ThursdayTravelChallenge and also with the #Current Topic if you want. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your posts.
** My site is self hosted ( platform), so I’m not sure about how the pingback will work. You can just insert your link in the “Comments” area. I’ll always reciprocate your likes and comments on your blogs. Let’s Travel Together and do it with all our heart! 🙂

  • Please do not post your links on this page, but rather on my current post!

** Also check Christine’s list of challenges:

Thank you, and I’m looking forward your participation 🙂


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