Tail the Golden Retriever

Tail is a pedigree Golden Retriever and he likes to fetch

Golden Retriever fetching a stick from the waterFetching comes to these dogs naturally, since they are hunters, especially for game birds. They are also very friendly and playful, and happily jump into the water to retrieve that stick you throw. It’s a great way to spend some hours outside in the nature and a good exercise for dogs as well. Playing with the dog is also the best way to make friends, as many would love to participate in the throwing the stick game, especially in a sunny beautiful day. It was at the same pond near Hartwells Locks on Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada where I got the pictures of the ducklings I dedicated to my mom’s memory on the mother’s day

Mother duck floating in the pondHere he is again looking very serious and determined in accomplishing his job right 🙂

Irish dog retrieving a stick from te waterI don’t know if they need have a pedigree to do this… most of the Golden Retriever dogs I think have it, but this is so unimportant for such a lovely dog like Tailor, and we had such a good time in his and his owners company that day 🙂

I took these photos mainly because I liked the way he was emerging from the water, the ripples on the liquid surface and of course the reflections.

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