Happy Thanksgiving – Thursday Travel Challenge

It’s that time of the year when North Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. While this holiday happened already in Canada last month, in the USA it’s on November 28.

On this late autumn National Holiday we give thanks and blessings to the harvest and our loved ones. The celebration lost most of it’s original religious aspect, and today it is mainly a family reunion with an abundance of good food. Prosperity and achievement after good hard work add a deep meaning to this celebration. However, this is also an opportunity for recognition of good things that happened to us throughout the year..

Traditionally it’s the time for beautiful decorations, and for gratitude expressing greeting cards. * Click on this one if you like it 🙂

Thanksgiving greeting card

I saw and photographed this scene below in front of a house entryway in downtown Ottawa, Canada. That’s right, the Jack’o lanterns are good for two holidays in a row 🙂 This is great because they make such beautiful decorations!

Carved Pumpkins Art Print featuring the photograph Carved Pumpkins For Autumn Holidays by Tatiana Travelways

And here are some cute little painted pumpkins I saw in one of Ottawa’s markets at this time of year:

Funny painted pumpinks at Byward Market, Ottawa, Canada

I think however that all goods found at the end of fall symbolize abundant harvest we should be grateful for.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving with some mouthwatering looking red apples! 🙂

Red Art Print featuring the photograph Red Apples by Tatiana Travelways

The challenge:

Do you have any photos that can symbolize the idea of Thanksgiving? Maybe you have something to give thanks for? I would love to see your interpretation on this. Share them here below with us!

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