Elvis Pink Cadillac – Flaunting in Las Vegas

Flaunting in the Elvis Pink Cadillac in Las Vegas is something many would like to do.

Yes, some people like to flaunt, and if this happens in all countries, cultures and environments, it’s definitely true for the city where everything is possible…

Let’s admit that people exhibiting themselves in unusual ways is one of the “Sin City”‘s attractions – and it’s one of those “only in Las Vegas” things, which I personally like seeing there 🙂

Elvis Pink Cadillac Tour in Las Vegas

Elvis pink cadillac Las VegasThe Elvis Pink Cadillac is a big attraction in Vegas. If you have the nostalgia of the 1950’s and especially if you want to make all your friends and neighbors jealous, a Pink Cadillac tour is the right thing to do.

You will cruise along Fremont Street and surrounding area like the guys in the photo above, stop at the Bellagio fountains and at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign for some photos with the famous star.

Pink Cadillac Weddings in Las Vegas

Are you getting married?

If you really want to impress all your colleagues and friends, here is the good news: Elvis himself – or maybe his doppelgänger (??) will officiate your Las Vegas wedding ceremony and will also give you a tour in his famous Pink Cadillac!!! 🙂

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