Mural in Smith Falls, Ontario

Mural in Smith Falls, Ontario

Smith Falls is a small town in Ontario, along the famous Rideau Canal of Canada starting in Ottawa and ending in Lake Ontario.

On a 3 day trip to Thousand Islands for my birthday, we drove through this historic town. Suddenly, I saw a rather intriguing mural a side of a building. Obviously, I needed to have it 🙂 It was somehow hidden, but hey, the photographer’s mission is to see things… right?

I was really impressed by the painting job of this artist which name, unfortunately I don’t know. The mural perfectly matches the architecture, patterns and even the bricks of the building’s facade – Is it not fantastic?

Click on the picture to see it in a larger format. The mural is also available as print in many formats and sizes. It can be sold as royalty stock photo.

Here is a framed art print version of it in my Fina Art America collection. ** The watermark will not appear on the prints.

Mural in Smith Falls, Canada - framed art print

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Old trucks in Sprague, Washington state – Welcome to “Dave’s Old Truck Rescue”

Dave's Old Truck Rescue sign and old rusty truck in Spargue, WashingtonSprague is a small village almost a ghost town in Washington state, a real paradise for photographers and old cars and trucks lovers.

Old colorful trucks in Washington StateLucky that we thought to stop there! I would have spent days and days to photograph all these jewels, but we only had about one hour to spare, so I did my best 🙂

Click on the pictures to see them in a larger format and you can also buy them too if you like – The old trucks in Sprague are available as prints in all formats but also as royalty-free photos

Rows of old trucks in Sprague, Washington:

Old rusty and colorful trucks in Spargue, Washington

Old trucks in Sprague, Washington state

Old trucks Washington

Old colorful trucks in Washington state

… and here is the church and the train station in Sprague, Washington 🙂

Church and train station in Spargue, Washington

You can see more photos of old trucks in Sprague and other interesting images from this location in my photo gallery here

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Summer rain viewed from the car

 Summer Rain Art Print by Tatiana Travelways

This is a photo taken trough the car windshield in a summer rain in Germany. We were parked in a hotel parking lot when this downpour started. As I usually carry the camera with me all the time, I thought it was fun to try a kind of abstract picture. I activated the wipers to create the smeared water effect, just a trial 🙂 Indeed, this definitely made the green trees in front of the car look like they were moving. I got some shots – this one was the coolest in my opinion 🙂

Here below is how it can look like as an art print for the wall decor. Click on it to see more options on print types, sizes and prices.

Summer rain framed print by Tatiana Travelways- Wall View

Summer rain framed print – Wall View

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