Inside St. Mary Church, Nova Scotia

St. Mary Church, Nova Scotia - The largest wooden church in N. America

St. Mary Church, Nova Scotia – The largest wooden church in N. America

We visited St. Mary church (Église Sainte-Marie) on Yarmouth & Acadian Shores of Nova Scotia a few years ago when we drove to the Maritimes Canada. It is a French wooden church in a French community of St. Mary’s Bay area, Southwest Nova Scotia, in a French Breton style.  According to their website (, the church has been built over two years by 1500 volunteers, and at that time we visited it, it was celebrating 100 years of existence. Talking about stability here…

The picture is also available at Fine Art America, as a fine art print for wall decor. Click on it to find more information of prices and options.

St.Mary Church Nova Scotia, wall fine art print

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London Bridge Lake Havasu, Arizona

London Bridge - City of London sign

As many of you know, the London Bridge that was once crossing the River Thames in London, England, is now crossing Havasu Lake in Arizona, USA.

London Bridge in Arizona

Dating back to the 1830s, the London Bridge was disassembled in 1967 and transported piece by piece to the new location. The newly built bridge has a reinforced structure, but all the original elements are there.

london Bridge Kavasu Lake Arizona, details

What is interesting to know, is that every single piece has been numbered in order to be relocated. If you look very attentively you can still see the numbers.

London Bridge numbered pieces

I found them and photographed them, because this is not something you can see every day… In this photo below, the numbers can be seen under the swallow nests, painted white 🙂

London Bridge numbered pieces

The whole history of this construction is very interesting and you can find many exciting details in the Lake Havasu City official website

The bridge is the main attraction of the town (called Lake Havasu City), but the beautiful lake Havasu itself and the riparian area also attracts many tourists all year long. The place is always busy with lots of resorts, restaurants, beaches, villas and there is even a Mall

I took this picture in June, 2016

London Bridge ove Kavasu Lake, Arizona

… and here is a digital paint version of the famous bridge, available as art print at Fine Art America. Click on it for details about sizes and prices:

London Bridge Kavasu City, Arizona - Digital Art print by Tatiana Travelways

London Bridge digital watercolor-framed

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Belize City Harbor and Marina, a busy interesting place

Belize City Harbor is a busy picturesque place and gate to Ambergris Caye and other Belize tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Click on the photos to see them in a larger format, along with more pictures I took of Belize City.

Belize City Harbor by Tatiana Travelways

After taking a jungle tour to visit the Lamanai Mayan ruins, we couldn’t miss Belize City – the largest city of the country, and explore it for about three days.

I have a lot of photos to show, but I think that the harbor deserves special attention, and here are some pictures that I found to be interesting:

Belize City Harbor by Tatiana Travelways

Hundreds of boats, of all kinds and sizes are carrying merchandise and people through the three canals that connect the core of the city to the Ocean and further to the islands.

Marina in Belize City

All sorts of tourists from all over the world of every budget and interest are blending in to the already very interesting mix of population, cultures and lifestyles of the city.

Belize City Harbor bridge

Tourists coming to Belize City
Tourists coming to Belize City

Due to the poverty level of people living here, Belize City Harbor is not a very safe place, especially after the sun goes down. However, it it’s a travel destination you should not ignore on your way down through Central America.

Mix of buildings in Belize City Harbor

This is a picture of the Belize City Harbor at dusk, coming back from a Caribbean Island boat trip we took:

Belize City Harbor at dusk by Tatiana Travelways

Oh, BTW: I also made a digital paint of this harbor scene for my art prints galleries – click on it to see it in a larger format:

Belize City Harbor Digital Paint by Tatiana Travelways

Stay safe and enjoy your Belize travel! 🙂

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