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Lighthouse in Gabarus, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Lighthouses

Nova Scotia Lighthouses

As a long island like peninsula in Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia’s coasts have been protected for centuries by several faithful lighthouses. These historic buildings are now touristic landmarks. When you go there you shouldn’t miss the Lighthouse Route – you will not regret.

Nova Scotia Lighthouse Route

I visited a few if not all of them and here they are – Click on them for a larger format:

#1. Sandy Point lighthouse at low tide in the fog. Shelburne, Nova Scotia (South East of the peninsula)

Nova Scotia Lighthouses: Sandy Point, Lighthouse In The Fog by Tatiana Travelways

#2. Pubnico, Yarmouth area

Red And White Lighthouse Pubnico by Tatiana Travelways

#3, Digby on the Bay of Fundy: a lighthouse that has been transformed into a restaurant. This was the place where we took a small Ferry to go East.

Shoreline Restaurant Lighthouse Digby - Bay of Fundy by Tatiana Travelways

Briar Island

#4. A red and white striped lighthouse Briar Island. This is a small beautiful island North-West of Digby on the Bay of Fundy.

Striped Lighthouse - Briar Island by Tatiana Travelways

… And here is another lighthouse on Briar Island, Nova Scotia, overlooking Fundy Bay:

Briar Island Lighthouse by Tatiana Travelways

Cape Breton

#5. Cape Breton is a big island on the East side of Nova Scotia, with many places to visit and things to see.

#5a. The lighthouse of Louisburg. On the South-East part of Cape Breton this lighthouse has helped the sea navigation to the Fortress of Louisbourg. It has been destroyed several times during the battles between French and English during 1730 and 1758.

Louisburg Nova Scotia Art Print featuring the photograph Louisburg Nova Scotia Lighthouse by Tatiana Travelways

#5b. The lighthouse at Gabarus, Cape Breton. Gabarus is a small fishing village South-East of the island

Lighthouse in Gabarus, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Lighthouse In Gabarus, Nova Scotia by Tatiana Travelways

I really liked this one, so I made an enhanced version of it:

Lighthouse Art Print featuring the photograph Lighthouse Nova Scotia by Tatiana Travelways

#5c. Regatta time in front of the lighthouse in Baddeck, Cape Breton, on Bras D’or Lake. * Bras d’Or is the largest inland sea in Canada and it’s 1/3 of the Cape Breton island area.

Regatta Time In Baddeck, Nova Scotia by Tatiana Travelways

Halifax Area

#6. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse  that you can see in my other post

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse by Tatiana Travelways

All this photos are available as art prints in my FAA gallery of Nova Scotia

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La Quebrada cliff divers Acapulco postcard

La Quebrada Cliff Divers in Acapulco

La Quebrada is the cliff rising out of the ocean, where courageous and well-trained divers perform every day in Acapulco, Mexico with brio.

They dive from a 115 ft (35 meters) high cliff into the turbulent water of a narrow gorge not wider than 48 ft (14.6 meters) – Wow! – Click on the photos for a larger view.

La Quebrada Cliff DiversLa Quebrada Cliff DiversLa Quebrada Cliff Divers

Acapulco became famous after the 1963 American musical comedy movie “Fun in Acapulco” starring Elvis Presley and Ursula Andress. – Elvis was one of the cliff divers at La Quebrada –

At that time in my life I was impressed and delighted by the movie, but never ever thought that one day I would be able to see this place with my own eyes!!! I’m grateful to my husband for this!

La Quebrada Art Print featuring the photograph La Quebrada by Tatiana Travelways

The cliff was already well-known because of these performances, but after the movie it became an iconic landmark. La Quebrada cliff divers are still performing everyday here to the amazement of the tourists.

I made a collage as a poster or postcard with some sequences of this incredible performance:

La Quebrada Cliff Divers Art Print featuring the photograph La Quebrada Cliff Divers Collage Poster by Tatiana Travelways

At the time of the movie and after, the beauty of Acapulco beaches and the surroundings attracted many rich and famous people, including many Hollywood stars.

One of the places where the stars used to hang out was the Los Flamingos hotel – a must to visit place. Here you can see photos and memorabilia related to these old movie titans. Elvis stayed there during the production of the movie too.

Acapulco Art Print featuring the photograph Acapulco Los Flamingos Vintage Poster by Tatiana Travelways

The pictures of the famous La Quebrada cliff divers are available as Art Print for gifts or just souvenirs from Acapulco.

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Acapulco beaches

Acapulco beaches

Acapulco beaches make one of the nicest places for a vacation in Mexico.

My husband and I have been there two times and stayed in several hotels. Great memories! Almost all of them are on the water around the famous Acapulco bay. Acapulco is the largest beach resort city in Mexico and it has a nice balmy climate. Hotels around the Acapulco BayAcapulco beaches around Acapulco Bay Acapulco beach

Are the Acapulco beaches safe for swimming?

Well, if you only want to cool of from the heat of the sun, it’s great. At the shore, in front of big hotels, the water is clean and shallow. However, some more adventurous swimmers have reported drop-offs on the seafloor, which can be very dangerous…

The cliff divers show is a different story – “don’t try this at home” – so to say 🙂 nor in your Acapulco vacation… 

Go instead into safe waters:

Acapulco beachAcapulco beach at Mayan Palace

Many hotels in Acapulco have beautiful swimming pools overlooking the splashing ocean surf. Here you will not get the vendors with mangoes and limes. You will receive instead the full attention of the hotel personnel ready to serve you with all the goodies they have in stock 🙂

Hotel pool in Acapulco

I took this photo from our room balcony of the – Mexican Fiesta hotel (if I remember well).

Hotel swimming pool in Acapulco

Grand Mayan

... And talking about pools, at the Grand Mayan hotel resort you can swim in what is literally the longest swimming pool in the world. – It surrounds the whole resort property..

View of the Grand Mayan hotel, AcapulcoGrand Mayan hotel pool in AcapulcoGrand Mayan hotel pool in Acapulco

Grand Mayan hotel in Acapulco is a deluxe resort and its beach is the largest and most beautiful of all Acapulco beaches. Well, in our passed good times we had a timeshare exchange here for one week. (I do not recommend timeshares though – you can ask me why)

Grand Mayan Acapulco beach

Chapel of Peace

But, there are many more places to see and things to do in Acapulco… And here is the view of the city and Mexico Bay from one of the surrounding hills.

View of Acapulco and Mexico Bay

On this hill you can visit the Chapel of Peace (Capilla de la Paz) – This place was built in the memory of two brothers who played an important role in the development of the city. They unfortunately perish in a tragic airplane accident. The chapel and monuments were built by their family.

Here you can see the famous sculpture of the two right hands joining together signifying brotherhood. In Spanish it is called “Las Manos de la Hermandad”

Sculpture at the Chapel of Peace, Acapulco

How safe is Acapulco to visit?

In the last years Acapulco has become a place known for organized crime due to the war on drugs. However the United States Department of State considers that the populated tourist areas are relatively safe. It is a good idea not to adventure out yourself at night on back streets or in bars and casinos situated out of the main touristic places.

Bottom line: if consider taking a winter or spring vacation this year at one of the Acapulco beaches, do it in a safe touristic place!

All these photos and many more, can be seen in a larger format and purchased in my Acapulco gallery. The watermarks will not appear on the final product.

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Veracruz coffee beans in Ajijik market

Freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic Mexico

Freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic Mexico

Ajijic is a small but very picturesque town on Lake Chapala, state of Jalisco, a mecca for many people coming from the North of the continent for a vacation or to retire.

I will make another post about this beautiful town later. For now, I want to bring to your attention some photos on freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic. (Click on them to see a larger format)

Freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic Mexico

This image is from a downtown coffee shop. As you can see, here they will spoil you with all kinds of coffee from Mexican areas like Oaxaca, Veracruz or Green Mountain (I don’t know where that is…)

The tables are decorated with coffee beans covered by glass,

Table decorated with coffee beans in Ajijic, Mexico

… and on a wall I saw a very informative collage of illustrations on the coffee production process:

Coffee production poster in Ajijic, Mexico

Talking about freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic, what I liked most was that we could buy it for a very low price at the nearby market (mercado). Oh, that market running once a week was a real dream for the long-term visitors 🙂

Market in Ajijic, Mexico

The freshly roasted coffee at the Ajijic market was a big seller and if you were not there early enough, you were risking going home without…

Freshly roasted coffee in Ajijic Mexico

I think that the (typical) rusted primitive tools for grinding and weighing made the whole experience more exiting – ha, ha… The coffee was very good tasting though.

Grinding, and weighting fresh coffee in Ajijic market, Mexico

… and here is a close-up on the coffee grinder 🙂

Coffe grinder in Ajijic, Mexico market

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Alsace Street corner mirror

Alsace street corner mirror

Alsace street corner mirror

I’ve seen this street corner mirror in a small village in Alsace when we visited this part of France in a rather gray day of spring, but I thought it was quite interesting to photograph…

Alsace street corner mirror by Tatiana Travelways

I particularly liked the juxtaposition created by the look of the mirror and the bare branches in the background. Patterns on patterns and inside patterns 🙂

I also liked that you can actually see a scene of that village, with the specific french style houses and barns and the man on the street – The mirror tells an everyday life story about this place 🙂

The picture is available as art print at Fine Art America, in my France-Art collection, but you can click on the picture above for more info.

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Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia poster

Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia poster

Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia

Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia poster

This is a decorative collage poster with various close-up photographs and details of colorful ropes used in the industrial fishing of Atlantic Canada

I took all these photos in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia because of the beautiful patterns they create when they are rolled and tied together.

I like marine ropes in general, but here in Nova Scotia, the ones fishermen use, are so colorful, and for some reason nicer than anywhere else…

Fishing Ropes of Nova Scotia Art Print:

Here is a version of this poster as a canvas print. It can nicely decorate any wall in a house or office. Click on it for all the art prints options

Fishing Ropes Canvas Print featuring the photograph Fishing Ropes Of Nova Scotia by Tatiana Travelways

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Toys: Teddy bears in Germany

Toys in the world

Toys are less likely to be a subject to talk about in a travel site, but to me, traveling is not only about seeing landscapes and architecture…

I’m always carrying the camera with me wherever I go and as an avid documentary type of photographer,  I’m curious and like to observe things that others may not even notice… I try to take photos that tell stories, so I can impress my friends and family with what I’ve seen during my absence from home 🙂

Here for example is a little boy crying because something went wrong with his small toy car – he looked so sad and I couldn’t resist 🙂 He was a Guatemalan kid in Panajachel, on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala – oh, yeah… that’s a great place to visit!
The kid made me immediately think about the saying: “The difference between a man and a boy is the cost of their toys” Ha, ha… 🙂

Toys and kids

… but as I said, toy-cars are not only for kids… Look at this pedal boat on Lake Constance, in Friedrichshafen, Germany

They were really having fun with it 🙂

Now, talking about Germans, they seriously like toys… It’s almost impossible to enter a house that doesn’t have at least one teddy-bear displayed someplace 🙂

Here we were in a guesthouse in Kressbronn, a small town near Friedrichshafen, and they were having hundreds of bears in all the rooms, hallways even in the kitchen… it was like a bear house:)

Toys: Teddy bears in Germany


Toys: Teddy-bears Germany by Tatiana Travelways

Toys: Teddy-bears Germany by Tatiana Travelways

But things are not always happy with toys… they get old and undesirable too.

This poor Eeyore – a stuffed donkey, was simply discarded on a street in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada – Oh, he broke my heart 🙁

Eeyore - stuffed animal discarded toy

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Ottawa architectural patterns

Ottawa Architectural Patterns

Ottawa architectural patterns. Here there are some representative images from my multiple photos I took in Ottawa. They are representing patterns, intersecting lines, rows and geometry in the architecture of the beautiful capital of Canada.

    • Window reflections and architectural patterns, downtown Ottawa

Ottawa architectural patterns by Tatiana Travelways

    • Lines and patterns of a modern office building on Spark street, Ottawa. It’s all glass, steel and concrete.

Glass and Still lines and patterns by Tatiana Travelways

While the first two photos can be seen in my, these below are available as art prints at Fine Art America in the architecture collection of my site – Just click on them to see what I mean…:

Blue on blue: cubic shapes, reflections, shadows and intersecting lines – TD Bank Glass office building, downtown Ottawa

Blue Geometry in Ottawa, Canada

3.- Inside The Library Of The Parliament, Ottawa.

This is a detail of the impressive historic library of the Parliament in Ottawa. It’s the last and larger part of the original building that burned down in 1916. As you can see there is still a lot of wood there.

4.- The organ pipe at St. Mary cathedral in Ottawa

This impressive wooden organ pipe was originally built in 1887 S.R. Warren & Son. Later, it has restored in 1930 with additional mechanical parts (see more here:,_Ottawa)

Wooden pipe organ at St.Mary's basilica, Ottawa, Canada

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