John Day Fossil Beds National MonumentI took this photo while driving through the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon. Not enough time to visit, but just a few shots here and there along the John Day River basin. This National Park got its name from the well-preserved beds of fossil plants and mammals from prehistoric times.

  • I like the multiple layers, starting with the foreground bushes, river, rocks and faraway mountains, plus the clouds. A great example of natural framing.

Below I got some nice rolling hills in the rural surrounding area. There is a lot to see on the scenic byway around Dayville, following the river (Northeastern Oregon)…

Map of the John Day watershed

Believe it or not, I got all these photos using my iPhone 🙂

Dayville rolling hills

Not too far away, on the same area of the John Day river basin and Hwy, we couldn’t miss the Strawberry Mountain Range – 9038 ft elevation.

Strawberry Mountain Range - John Day River basin

Strawberry Mountain Range - John Day River basinA feature I like to use with my iPhone is the panoramic view capability. Here is my “pano” shot of the same Strawberry Mountain range with the prairie in the foreground:

Strawberry Mountain Range - John Day River basin panoramic view

Sunday Stills: Layers

Fall is so on sign

Fall is so on sign in front of Safeway, in Olimpia, Washington – Wordless Wednesday photo – see it on Instagram.

Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Olympia Washington Capitol Building

Olympia, Washington Capitol Building in a cloudy rainy day. A beautiful historic monument and landmark of USA. Photo taken and edited with my iPhone to notify you about my travels 🙂 Is this a quick soft focus photo good for a challenge, or not? This is also a good example of natural framing. You can also see it on Instagram 🙂

Two more to go:

Olympia Capitol building

Capitol building Olimpia, Washington