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Atlantic Canada Doors and Doorways

Newfoundland Interesting Doors and Doorways

Newfoundland Interesting Doors and Doorways

I’ve always been attracted to doors and windows, and have wondered what’s behind them. When I have the opportunity, I like to photograph them open, so I can discover a little of their secrets…

I had a post on doors in St. John’s Newfoundland Canada, but those were city doors.

While visiting the coast of Newfoundland, I was attracted by fisherman’s barns and shacks, along with the fishing tools and the surrounding environment. I also found some interesting open doors. Click on the pictures to see more from the original galleries.

This is an open door of a traditional wooden fishing shack in Northeast side of Newfoundland, Canada. You can see from outside in and from inside out – so, no “unknowns” here 😉
I liked the fact that I could even see the water in the back and the anchored fishing boat.

Fisherman's shack open door, Newfoundland, Canada

Another open door was that of a fisherman shack in Triton Harbor, Newfoundland. This goes only one way: from inside out… You can however, also see the water, the pier and even some islands on the horizon.

Fisherman's shack open door, Newfoundland, Canada

Gros Morne National Park

Before entering the Gros Morne National Park, we spent two nights in a beautiful B&B old traditional house. The big terrace at the first floor was overlooking the ocean – lucky us 🙂
I liked the handmade rag carpet on wooden floor and the morning light coming through…

Bed and Breakfast door in Gros Morne Newfoundland

In the same house downstairs, another interesting door with a glass window was begging to be photographed… 🙂

Bed and Breakfast door in Gros Morne Newfoundland

When visiting the Gross Morne National Park, I mainly took photos of landscapes, nature and boats. But I couldn’t miss this semi-open door of a red barn in Trout River village:

Red barn in Trout Village, Newfoundland

Fogo Island

Fogo Island has many interesting fisherman houses, barns and shacks. One day I noticed this kid running through an opening that once was a door… Whatever his reason for running was, I will never know, but I took the shot.

Old fisherman shed in Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Twillingate Newfoundland

Twillingate is another interesting fisherman village in the Northeast part of Newfoundland. It is said to be the place where you can best see the icebergs. We didn’t see them, but we did see some nice barns, shacks and lots of crab traps. I’ve seen and photographed a lot of those in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

White fisherman barn in Twillingate, Newfoundland

I also saw this floating wrecked shack with guess what… an open door 🙂 ha, ha

Weathered floating fishing shack in Twillingate, Newfoundland

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Alhambra Tower Granada, Andalucia, Spain

Alhambra Tower and Complex in Granada, Spain

Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visited by thousands of tourists every month, regardless the season.

Granada viewed from Alhambra tower

According to the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, the Moorish fortress and palace date back to 1238 and 1358. Built on a plateau the complex overlooks the city of Granada, with a beautiful view.

Alhambra is a hot travel destination in both senses: popularity and temperature wise. At least it was at the end of May when we visited it. The sense of the heat may also subconsciously come from the red outer walls, built with rammed earth. – BTW, the name Alhambra in Arabic means “Red”.

Alhambra Art Print featuring the photograph Alhambra Tower by Tatiana Travelways

The place is very busy and there is always a huge waiting line to buy tickets to get inside. It is definitely wise to book ahead of time otherwise you can miss the inside tour. We did…

Alhambra gardens

Don’t worry, if you miss the entrance into the palace, there are still plenty of things to see from the outside. You can see the old walls, beautiful architectural elements and the gardens.

Alhambra gardens with water jets
Alhambra Arabic door
Alhambra medieval walls

Moorish door ornaments in Alhambra
Arabic columns and arches in Alhambra
Door ornament in Alhambra

Below is a picture showing part of an Alhambra complex and garden. – I digitally enhanced it for a more artistic look.

Alhambra Gardens Art Print featuring the photograph Alhambra Gardens, Digital Paint by Tatiana TravelwaysThe image is available in various types of prints for wall and home decor. Click on it to see all the options.


Pigeons of Heidelberg, Germany

Rainy Day in Heidelberg, Germany

It was a slight cold rainy day of February when we visited Heidelberg, Traveling Germany. This is a famous college town in Baden-Württemberg (South-West of Germany). It is considered with good reason one of the most beautiful towns in this country. A great place in the world to be even in a rainy day 🙂

Rainy Day in Heidelberg

The weather was not perfect for walking in the street and taking pictures, but I still snapped some photos in the central plaza. I really hope to come back some day and see more.

Rainy day in Heideberg, Germany

Church Of The Holy Spirit, Heidelberg

These pigeons were trying to stay dry and warm. I noticed them from our hotel window in the central plaza of this historic German city. In Europe pigeons are part of the urban life. It is so common to see them sitting on the old medieval walls, arches or statues and I always like to watch them.

Pigeons of Heidelberg hiding under window arches from the cold February rainHiding under the arches of the building across the street, they were making a nice contrast with the antique red color of the stone wall. They were just begging for a picture, so I couldn’t resist and took it 🙂

The pictures are available as art prints in my Fine Art America Germany collection, on various media, and sizes for wall and home decor, accessories and gifts. They can look like this:

Heidelberg painting framed as wall decor

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St. Mary Cathedral, Briar Island, Acadian Trail Yarmouth - The largest wooden church in N. America

Photo: St. Mary Church, Nova Scotia – The largest wooden church in N. America

Inside St. Mary Church, Nova Scotia

St. Mary Church, Nova Scotia - The largest wooden church in N. America

St. Mary Church, Nova Scotia – The largest wooden church in N. America

We visited St. Mary church (Église Sainte-Marie) on Yarmouth & Acadian Shores of Nova Scotia a few years ago when we drove to the Maritimes Canada. It is a French wooden church in a French community of St. Mary’s Bay area, Southwest Nova Scotia, in a French Breton style.  According to their website (, the church has been built over two years by 1500 volunteers, and at that time we visited it, it was celebrating 100 years of existence. Talking about stability here…

The picture is also available at Fine Art America, as a fine art print for wall decor. Click on it to find more information of prices and options.

St.Mary Church Nova Scotia, wall fine art print

Inspired by Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Arch, Dome, of Half Circle

London Bridge Havasu City Arizona - Digital paint by Tatiana Travelways

London Bridge Lake Havasu, Arizona

London Bridge Lake Havasu, Arizona

London Bridge - City of London sign

As many of you know, the London Bridge that was once crossing the River Thames in London, England, is now crossing Havasu Lake in Arizona, USA.

London Bridge in Arizona

Dating back to the 1830s, the London Bridge was disassembled in 1967 and transported piece by piece to the new location. The newly built bridge has a reinforced structure, but all the original elements are there.

london Bridge Kavasu Lake Arizona, details

What is interesting to know, is that every single piece has been numbered in order to be relocated. If you look very attentively you can still see the numbers.

London Bridge numbered pieces

I found them and photographed them, because this is not something you can see every day… In this photo below, the numbers can be seen under the swallow nests, painted white 🙂

London Bridge numbered pieces

The whole history of this construction is very interesting and you can find many exciting details in the Lake Havasu City official website

The bridge is the main attraction of the town (called Lake Havasu City), but the beautiful lake Havasu itself and the riparian area also attracts many tourists all year long. The place is always busy with lots of resorts, restaurants, beaches, villas and there is even a Mall

I took this picture in June, 2016

London Bridge ove Kavasu Lake, Arizona

… and here is a digital paint version of the famous bridge, available as art print at Fine Art America. Click on it for details about sizes and prices:

London Bridge Kavasu City, Arizona - Digital Art print by Tatiana Travelways

London Bridge digital watercolor-framed

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Belize City Harbor Digital Paint

Belize City

Belize City Harbor and Marina, a busy interesting place

Belize City Harbor is a busy picturesque place and gate to Ambergris Caye and other Belize tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Click on the photos to see them in a larger format, along with more pictures I took of Belize City.

Belize City Harbor by Tatiana Travelways

After taking a jungle tour to visit the Lamanai Mayan ruins, we couldn’t miss Belize City – the largest city of the country, and explore it for about three days.

I have a lot of photos to show, but I think that the harbor deserves special attention, and here are some pictures that I found to be interesting:

Belize City Harbor by Tatiana Travelways

Hundreds of boats, of all kinds and sizes are carrying merchandise and people through the three canals that connect the core of the city to the Ocean and further to the islands.

Marina in Belize City

All sorts of tourists from all over the world of every budget and interest are blending in to the already very interesting mix of population, cultures and lifestyles of the city.

Belize City Harbor bridge

Tourists coming to Belize City
Tourists coming to Belize City

Due to the poverty level of people living here, Belize City Harbor is not a very safe place, especially after the sun goes down. However, it it’s a travel destination you should not ignore on your way down through Central America.

Mix of buildings in Belize City Harbor

This is a picture of the Belize City Harbor at dusk, coming back from a Caribbean Island boat trip we took:

Belize City Harbor at dusk by Tatiana Travelways

Oh, BTW: I also made a digital paint of this harbor scene for my art prints galleries – click on it to see it in a larger format:

Belize City Harbor Digital Paint by Tatiana Travelways

Stay safe and enjoy your Belize travel! 🙂

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Turquoise water of Cancun

The turquoise water of Cancun, Mexico

Cancun has the most turquoise water I’ve ever seen. A friend told me about this before, but it’s not the same as seeing it with your own eyes… Indeed, when my husband and I had the chance to visit this place for the first time, I just couldn’t believe it… Click on the photos to see them in larger versions:

** No, that’s not me – I was the one behind the camera 🙂

Turquise water on Cancun Beaches

The tones of blue, turquoise, teal and aqua vary with the depth of the water and the light, and mix with each-other in a beautiful harmony.

Turquoise water in Cancun early in the morning

Early in the morning everything looks different…

Turquise Caribbean Sea water in Cancun in the evening

I took this one also during the early morning hours. The clouds above gave the Caribbean Sea water a different nuance of blue-green color:

Caribbean sea at sunrise in Cancun

At sunrise the colors of the Caribbean get really dramatic.

Blue, turquoise, green and gold; sunrise, seawater, and walking on the beach… What a beautiful life!…

In the day time the turquoise water looks totally different 🙂

Pool and beach resort in Cancun, Mexico

In Cancun, the pools water at the beach resorts have the same color as the sea. – You almost don’t really know where one ends and the other starts 😉

Turquoise waterin the Cancun pools

I really like to photograph waves and surf, and some days the water gets a little rough. That’s the best time to get the sea-foam, over the sand and rocks of the beach…

I uploaded some of these photos to my Fine Art America: Cancun gallery, and they are available as prints. – Click on them for more info:

Cancun Beach At Sunrise by Tatiana Travelways
Atlantic Ocean In Cancun by Tatiana Travelways

Cancun Beach by Tatiana Travelways
Morning Walk On The Beach by Tatiana Travelways

… And here is a bonus for you: I photographed these cuties in the Caribbean turquoise water near Cancun, at Xcaret ecological park 🙂

Swimming Turtle by Tatiana Travelways
Swimming Cutie by Tatiana Travelways

I hope you liked my turquoise water photos in Cancun, Mexico… 🙂

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Power lines

Power lines photography can be beautiful!

Power lines are not the most desirable elements we want to have in a picture… in fact, photographers are trying hard to avoid them, by taking different angles or even alter their shots in post processing.

However, we have to admit that they are part of our daily life… ubiquitous – so to say, and depending on the photography, sometimes we have to accept them…

Main Street In Magog Quebec by Tatiana Travelways

Main Street In Magog, Quebec

As a casual documentary (amateur) photographer, I often leave them there.

But sometimes I actually like them and take them in purpose. Just look up!:)

In the winter, when covered with frost and shining in the sun, they can be even artistic. However in an urbanscape, where there are power lines, the lampposts are present too… – Not too much to do about those either 🙂

 Winter Beautiful - Black And White Photograph by Tatiana Travelways

Small town in Ontario, Canada at wintertime

I also like to see and photograph birds on power lines they look to me like musical notes… 🙂

I took this photo in a gray winter day in Ontario and this scene brighten my mood 🙂

Birds on power lines in Ontario

Power lines can create interesting patterns, too.

Here is a more colorful image I took in Arizona – these pigeons where so nicely aligned on the power lines, popping against the blue background sky of the Mohave desert…

Birds on power lines in Arizona

Next is a print from my Fine Art America’s galleries:

Bed Time - birds on power lines by Tatiana Travelways

I took it while traveling Quebec in the golden light of the evening, and called it ” Bed Time” – I really liked the picturesque image of the power lines with the swallows aligned on them, over the french style barn.

But the power lines can hold many other things…, like old discarded shoes, for example 🙂

Discarded shoes hanging on a power line

While the shoes are quite common, here is something you don’t see everyday…

Thistles Art Print featuring the photograph Seen But Not Noticed by Tatiana Travelways

These are Bromeliads plants growing naturally on power lines in Mexico and other tropical areas – aren’t they cute?

I have many pictures featuring power lines but this will be the last one for the post:

Technology Vs. Nature by Tatiana Travelways

I called it “Technology vs. Nature” and I took it in the desert, near Death Valley, California. I just liked the contrast of the elements 🙂

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