Alhambra Granada, Spain is a hot destination for thousand of tourists

Tourists climbing the ancient Moorish walls and Alhambra Tower in Granada, Spain

Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, visited by thousands of tourists every year and month, regardless the season.

Built on a plateau that overlooks the city of Granada, the Moorish palace and fortress date back to 1238 and 1358 according to the ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA

It is a hot travel destination in both senses: popularity and temperature wise – at least it was at the end of May when we visited it. The sense of the  heat may also subconsciously come from it’s red outer walls, built with rammed earth. – BTW, the name Alhambra in Arabic means “Red”.

The place is very busy and there is always a huge waiting line to buy tickets to get inside. It is definitely advisable to book ahead of time otherwise you can miss visiting the interior and have to come back another time, like we had to do 🙂

Don’t worry, if you miss the entrance into the palace, there are still plenty of things to see from the outside, including the old walls that you can climb, architectural elements and gardens.

Below is a picture showing part of an Alhambra complex and garden – I digitally enhanced it for printing purposes

Alhambra Gardens Art Print featuring the photograph Alhambra Gardens, Digital Paint by Tatiana Travelways

Alhambra complex and gardens, digital paint

Stay tuned, more pictures of Alhambra Granada are coming.

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