Welcome to Travelways.com, a site on travel destinations we’ve experienced as passionate voyageurs. It’s all about places we’ve seen and photographed over the years, culture, people, customs, architecture, nature, beautiful landscapes and colors.

Travel and Vacation

Wherever you go, go with all your heart – says Confucius

… and this is exactly what my husband and I do when traveling and taking photos of all the interesting things we see. And because this is all about heart, we also like to share our experiences with others. Here you can get ideas and suggestions on interesting locations to visit.

Travel Destinations

My husband is the big traveler and the chief of the orchestra – I just follow him and take photos.

We’ll not show you pictures of ourselves, because this is not the point. What we’ll show you are photos of places and people we found interesting enough to be shared with others 😉

TravelwaysPhotos.com is the main place exposing my travel and concept photography. I’m proud to say that my photos got some awards and one of them was the big prize at “Picture It Ottawa” photo contest. (We lived in Ottawa, Canada for about 6 years, so I really have a lot of photos from that beautiful city and the surrounding area)

As you will see, we tried to go South for the winter because my husband got tired of shoveling snow 🙂 but we also traveled to some European destinations – You can see them under the “Travel Destinations” top menu. More pictures and stories will be coming soon…

For the past two winters our favorite travel destination was Las Vegas! … vegasgreatattractions.com – Watch for updates 🙂

I’m not a great writer, but I hope you will at least enjoy seeing my travel photography 🙂

One more thing: I recently joined Fine Arts America, where I post my best artwork as photography and digital art: Travelwaysart.com

Life is a Journey – Let’s Travel Together!

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